1 dress, 3 ways

Finding your favorite dress is a feat of fashion. Our stylists put together three looks with one dress, and share their tips about how to sustain versatility without foregoing your cool, stylish aesthetic.

Pastels are the spring season’s color palette of choice, so we chose the baby blue Nicholya as our style muse. The structured pleats and simple neckline keep this timeless satin maxi more elevated than the average silky slip.

The Pearl


Jewelry can make, or break, a look. With a strapless dress, short-stranded necklaces and chokers make for perfect statement pieces. When choosing a bold accessory, avoid over-accessorizing. A subtle ring can add the perfect balancing touch, while removing bracelets and earrings allows this chucky choker to be the star. Pulling the hair back into a slick ponytail or low ballet bun adds to the elegance and brings out your facial features, pairing a minimal approach with a maximal adornment.


Quiet luxury is a trend that favors sophisticated, understated attire. Metals are perfect for this type of glam. They are more subtle expressions of splendor than jewels and gems, but maintain a luxurious chic. We chose a large earring with clean lines that mimic the classic simplicity of the Nicholya. Another key element of the trend is effortlessness. In that tune, let your hair down and avoid fussy clips and fanciful updos.


A tried and true predictor of fashion’s future is its past. Forget modernity and bring back the trends you love. Integrate retro sensibilities with little extras, like these opera gloves and fun, floral heels. One of the best ways to breathe new life into a well-worn look is by incorporating myriad textures, so play around with fabrics.

Adopt our stylists’ tips, and dare to put fashion on repeat (with a remix).
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