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Fashion is forever in flux, but there is one thing that remains: trends will always be influenced by popular culture. The latest mermaidcore trend is floating into fashion as the modern remake of “The Little Mermaid'' releases this spring. Whether the sirens of classic tales like “The Odyssey” or the cover of a Starbucks cup, the mythical creature’s story of existence is kept well enough above water through literature, pop culture and ultimately fashion.

When it comes to style, it’s all about combining your taste with your current inspirations. Trends lend themselves to personalization, and this of-the-moment look has given stylish girls all over the world a chance to infuse a touch of sea fantasy into their wardrobe. Seafoam green maxi skirts, light pink mesh ruffles and scale-like sequins awaken our dreams of being a ruby-locked princess from the sea.

Speaking of fabrics, look for sequins, shine and textures that can give a scale effect. Mesh and ruffles are perfect for the look, while long skirts can help with the literal translation. Seafoam green is an appropriate choice, but the sea is a colorful place. Incorporate coral orange, ocean blue, pastel pinks or a sandy nude.

Accessorizing with pearls makes sea chic simple. The glimmering gem is fit for a mythical sea goddess. Gold and silver jewels that resemble shells and starfish add a similar effect, as well as gem-encrusted pieces like we styled here. The rough texture of these oversized earrings reminds us of the crusted seabed and shiny underwater creatures, while glamourising the ensemble.

For the face, opt for a dewy glow and play around with shimmer and pearlescence. Shine helps to give the illusion you just came from the water. Similarly, the colors we look for in fabric can also accentuate the eyelids. Don’t be afraid to use a different hue than that of your garment. To keep with the fresh-from-the-water effect, embrace natural curls or, for straight hair, create a beachy wave.

When choosing a handbag, try a crochet weave that resembles maritime ropes. This textured fabric adds contrast to other elements of the look. Breaking away from the literal trend, we recommend strappy sandals over flippers. Nude heels match sea tones nicely and maintain the aesthetic, while a metallic adds to the fish-like shine.

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