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Be it seaside or in a mid-city park, enjoying an aesthetic moment outdoors is what out of office dreams and trending TikToks are made of. Summer fashion is one thing, but here’s how to make sure the alfresco setup enhances your style moment.

Choosing a great landscape will be pleasing to the eyes (and the social media feed). Maybe there is a riverside lounge area under a tree reminiscent of Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” Otherwise, a relaxing park view or quiet spot on the beach will do just the trick.

Floral dresses are the fabric of choice, giving color to even a simple scenery,
and going barefoot is welcome and preferred amongst the natural landscape.
When it comes
to blankets,

retire the traditional red and white gingham print. Choose something light that travels easy and supplements your fashion choice. Stylish pastels, white canvas or muted stripes match well with a breezy fit. (Bring matching pillow cushions, and thank yourself later.)




Think of the environment

when packing outdoor eats. In lieu of disposable plastics, source handmade ceramics in minimalist monochromatics at your local farmers’ market, or finally use that cute tea set that stays on the shelf year round. Contrasting floral prints create a beautiful, garden-like setting.

When it comes to refreshments, look to the wellness girlies for mocktail inspiration. Top it off with some small garnishes and peeled fruit to make art of a refreshing drink.

If the weather permits, a cozy sweater will incorporate a healthy dose of cottagecore that Martha Stewart would approve of. Bundle your wares in a raffia pouch that will bring some upscale chic to a rustic picnic.

As always, sun protection is essential. Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are a must for practical daytime fashion. A large canvas umbrella will shade in style, especially one that matches the chosen color palette.

Create a chic, makeshift tablescape with linen napkins and a bundle of flowers. Seasonal sunflowers or a mix of roses and hydrangeas give the perfect prettiness. These can be displayed in a glass mason jar or simply laid at the edge of the blanket. Fresh flowers add a magical touch to any moment and are a must for an Instagrammable fete.

If going solo is preferred, take a great book that will keep you entertained and away from artificial tech screens. Emily Henry’s uber popular rom-com tale “Happy Place” is the lighthearted joy burst the picnic mood desires.

Instead of the expected smartphone images, take some moody polaroids. Detail shots will make for a fashionable collage later.

Whatever the reason, it's always a good idea to romanticize your free time.
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