This is where those photo-worthy sketches come in. Our design team draws unique new styles inspired by current trends, while infusing a LUCY touch. We are always designing new pieces, but beloved sketches from our archives are sometimes used as a foundation for a new design. Reviving a most-loved pattern may mean minor or major adjustments. Classic styles can be repurposed with just minor tweaks. Though the adjustments may be small, the element of detail has the power to transform the look into a contemporary fit.

New styles are always emerging, but a classic silhouette can be updated with a simple fabric change or more detailed editions like a ruffled trim or sheer effect at the bodice. Flattering fits will often endure in fashion because they are reliably stylish. Sleek square necklines have maintained popularity throughout the style seasons because of their ability to showcase the beauty of the female décolletage.
Though fashion is famous for its rapid changes, if you pay attention you will notice the enduring nature of a figure-complementing design.
The Shantelle is the perfect embodiment of this theme. Amidst hundreds of new designs, you are likely to spot this classic silhouette remade with a hot, trending fabric — whether an updated color tone, fashionable print or a textured sheer. The design is reliably flattering while its billowing sleeves add a fashion-forward flair.
Fabric is key. Sketches are always drawn with fabric in mind, though fabric choices may be adjusted as the design process furthers. For dresses that need structure, we employ thicker materials like scuba. To maintain a soft appeal while creating the structured fit, techno crepe combines shape-holding materials with an outer layer of crepe.

Key design details like the structure of the bodice, the way the fabric is trimmed and how the sleeves fall are important technical notes that will bring an idea to life. For an added touch, we look to our catalog of trims that can be used as straps and extra adornments. Sometimes these elements inspire a whole look, other times they give us an idea for the right kind of finishing touch that will complete a sketch.

Each dress has its own unique footprint. We play with structure, fabric and detailed elements until we find the perfect combination. Once our idea is on paper, our skilled pattern makers can begin the creation.
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