The first step to any creative endeavor is ideation. In fashion, years of honed craft and expert knowledge are as important as paying attention to the world around you. Before we can create a must-have collection, we need a solid foundational understanding of the latest trends.

Tracking trends is not a linear process because they can come from anywhere, even the latest viral videos. Our designers follow everything from street style to couture designs seen on international runway stages. Every moment of fashion is unique, and trend-setting is no longer restricted to established, luxury design houses. Online fashion communities create viral style moments that set the stage of the season as much as a New York Fashion Week runway.

In this social media-driven age, many trends find their footing online. Celebrity posts make big waves, especially when they get adventurous with a look. When clothing goes viral, the key elements of design trickle into ready-to-wear lines. We take the elements into consideration to understand what it is about the look that is catching, so we can infuse it into our next collection. Maybe it is the flattering fit, the unique details or the modish color.
You may have seen our viral Waverly dress on Tiktok. This silhouette is relatively classic, even Marilyn-esque, while the sage-toned satin is certainly of the earthy family which “clean girl” aesthetic followers and chic style bloggers love.
Tracking trends is not exclusive to the style and form. Fabrics go through phases as well. Florals and pastels are popular in the summer, but each season there is a different star. Our textured jacquard prints mimic the floral craze while fusing the love for minimalist monochromes. Similarly, textures like crochet are often repurposed using simple, single tones that make for a chic color palette while having the appeal of texture to create diversity in a one-toned wardrobe. We buy fabrics we love that match the trending aesthetics of the day, then design diverse collections around them.

Once there is a solid creative foundation based on our expertise and the styles in vogue, it’s time to play around with design.
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