& Glossy Prints
Samples! We get to see the design process from start to finish in our studio. These samples are ready to show off their style.

Product shoots are *obsessed* with great lighting. For this BTS, we were feeling artsy.

Color swatches and trims galore! These bundles of fabric are waiting for their product shoot day. Awe.

Vogue is for everyone. We’re loving Rihanna’s cover shoot *insert: original thought.*

Metallic jewels are a great standout against summer pastels. Spotted: starfish earrings used in our latest editorial where color blocking created a stunning contrast against the desertscape.

There’s always music playing in the office, but our video editors are kind enough to use headphones while they replay clips 872,737 times before their edits are complete.

Sienna creates a beachy wave on Mila. You may have seen the blonde locks on this Australian beauty in our mermaidcore photoshoot.

These are the real photogenic girlies! They saved us.

We’re all for lavender satins. This is the elevated summer vibe we’re pairing with our casual fits this season.

Ok, vintage! This MAC has been on a few of our Instagram stories, flooding us with replies of, “where ... are you?”

While our head designer makes sure the looks are being shot to perfection, the rest of our design team is creating new styles to release next.

OK, sad.

The end of the day is only fun on Mondays. See you next shoot day!